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These guys found the formula and pushed repeat. The Good Food Brotherhood has given us discounts to these awesome eateries around Canggu so be sure to try them all. Participating restaurants are: Ulekan, Milk & Madu, Bangkok Hustle, The Common, Watercress, and Smurger Burger. These venues should be in everyone’s “staple” Bali guide to visit, so weather it’s breakfast or brunch, wine and fine dining or the best Burger in Bali, you will be able to find your food between these fabulous restaurants, and you won’t need to venture far from the guts of Canggu!




It seems as though life is only getting busier. Technology has made it easier than ever to connect, but to our detriment, it means it’s harder than ever to disconnect and take real time for yourself. Between work and family responsibilities, it can be hard to find the time to meditate, relax and indulge in a little self-care – even when you’re on holiday. 

At Solace Float, our aim is to make it easier to bridge the gap and find the right balance between work and play. We’ve created a beautiful space to welcome you into a little solace from your day, and to empower you to improve your mind and body through the transformative powers of floating. 

Atilla & Co

With a little hard work, the best staff in the world, and the beautiful island of Bali providing endless inspiration, Atilla & Co was created. Inspired by our simple life, we create basic designs while incorporating unique colours and washes to give it that wow factor. We want you to wear us everyday and share our journey with the people in your life.


Outpost is a coworking, coliving and social spaces for location independents entrepreneurs, creatives, and professional. Our community comes from different countries with the variety of professions that loves to explore new places, connect with others and grow themselves both personally and professionally.


We’re serious about great coffee at Duatiga. Our signature beans are ground fresh for every order providing the best coffee in Berawa. From Smoothie Bowls to Pad Thai with prawns, the chef will take you on a sensory journey through South East Asia. 23 might be the lucky number but mixing our premium coffee with delicious menu leaves nothing to chance when you visit Duatiga.


Customers’ satisfaction is our utmost priority. Snapback Shop has been in the retail-fashion business in particular Caps and T-Shirts, since 2011. At the moment we have several Caps and T-Shirt designs in our arsenal. Our company allows our customers to have their own idea, concept and design to freely create their own different types of printing and/or cutting applications for their Caps or T-Shirts. All of that can be done in a reasonably quick time and also at a very competitive price.


nüde embraces a healthy body, healthy mind mantra but it’s not worn like a badge of honour. We believe in no food nasties, but eating a little naughty now and again is ok. One day we like a healthy chicken and avocado salad with a green juice, then the next we might indulge in a pulled pork burger with a bintang. Life is all about balance. Simply put, we’re a day-to-night cafe, with quality tastes, friendly vibes, and a cheeky state of mind.

Aido Surfboards

Aido began his career in Surfboards in the heart of Australian surfing (Brookvale, Sydney NSW) as a sander at 21 years old. Aido’s focus for Bali is to provide the perfect board for every surfer. It may be your first international surf trip in a tropical location, you may have graduated from a softboard and are looking for that next step or you may be a ripper who is in tune with your equipment. No matter what you level is the Aido Bali fleet truly has something for everyone.

Biliq Bali Cosharing Space

Biliq is currently Bali’s best rated coworking space on Google Review. At Biliq, we believe that you will work differently here. Every aspect in our space is meticulously planned to get you at your most productive state and keep you there, in a setting that is both comfortable and beautiful. As one of our members put it, “Biliq is Bali’s little work oasis in Seminyak”. Visit us today for a free trial (if you are a Canggu Nest member) and find out why people love to work from here.

Matcha Cafe Bali

Matcha Cafe Bali is a neighborhood cafe serving up a line of organic matcha green tea beverages, specialty Indonesian coffee freshly roasted in Bali from Tanamera, a seasonal and healthy food menu that includes many vegan, gluten-free and refined sugar free options.

Bali Climbing

Bali-climbing is a bouldering gym and a healthy cafe in Canggu, right next to the beach, where you can get fit, have fun and make friends. Come try our climbing routes, covered with a very comprehensive range of holds for beginners to experts, and our conditioning and training systems with hangboards and campus boards for specific training. We offer bouldering instruction, climbing classes, retreats, climbing excursions, a space for events and a healthy cafe with a terrace.

Motion Café

Motion Café, located in Canggu, Bali, is the place to go for fitness addicts and people that love to eat smart and clean. We support local farmers and use organic products whenever possible. The ingredients of our dishes are combined for best nutrition absorption, flavoring with fresh herbs and spices, Himalaya salt and no refined sugar. All our drinks, desserts and snacks are homemade and most of them are gluten-free or vegan.

Ruko Cafe

Situated close to Berawa Beach, Ruko is a cosy neighbourhood coffeeshop cafe serving up wholesome all day breakfasts, colourful lunches and fine coffee, made from locally sourced and mainly organic produce. For every coffee sold at Ruko Cafe we donate 5% to the Bali Children Foundation to help support local children’s education. That’s a whole year of education for a child every month.

Physio-Osteo @ Bali Healing

Nina – I focus on human being as a whole and on improving the quality of one’s life. My specialization includes diagnostics, healing and prevention of musculoskeletar problems. I help to restore locomotoric and body functions if affected by an injury, illness, or physical disability. This involves optimizing the functions of muscles and muscular units to initiate more rapid healing thus enhancing the wellbeing of the patient. Furthermore, in the case of pain management I offer motion and exercise activities, manual therapy, education and counseling.

Body Wise Bali

Services include: Dry Needling, Post-Surgery Rehabilitation, Sports Injury Therapy, Sports Massage, Muscloskeletal Acupuncture, Laser Therapy, Ultra Sound, Kinesiology Taping and IASTM.