Say Cheese!

We love to share regular photos of our Gym and Classes with you to showcase what we believe is a high quality fitness experience at Canggu Nest. In the modern world we live in, we encourage you to capture your workouts and moods and share them on your socials. If you would like to share you content with us we would be grateful and are more than happy to return the favour. Extra brownie points to those that will tag us in your stories/posts/blogs to spread the Canggu Nest flavour.

We do however respect the privacy of all of our patrons so if you do not wish to be photographed or tagged please approach our staff and give us the heads up so you can put your head down and tackle the workout at hand.

Sidenote: During our scheduled classes we want you to get the most out of the programming and keep safe with your mind on the task at hand, so within reason we prefer no phones whilst exercising. Our coaches or reception staff will cater any specific requests, so reach out to them for help early on so you can get your snaps and take some sweaty memories away!


Canggu Nest has been absolutely amazing, I have really enjoyed the classes so far and our PT session was brilliant. It is great that the gym is not overcrowded and the all staff are so friendly and helpful…. I will be sure to recommend the Nest to any Irish friends traveling to Bali.


I love the space, the people and was a huge fan of Amy’s class. I’m a group fitness instructor back in Toronto, Canada so it was great to be in a positive working environment and beautiful space.


I’ve absolutely loved training at your gym - I think what you’ve set up is amazing. The girls have been lovely and I’ve been really impressed with the professionalism and friendliness of all the trainers we’ve had in the last week! I wish you were in Melbourne so I could train there too!


Was an awesome gym experience. I was only in Canggu for 2 weeks so made the best use of the time as I could. The classes are a welcomed mix of functional fitness and not commoditised in the way that Crossfit and F45 are. Really enjoyed that quality.
PS. the Member discount network is a massive plus. I reckon I would've saved a good $50 during the time I was a member at Nude cafe, Ruko, etc...


I only booked to train with Amy on recommendation and she's been absolutely fantastic. Amy listened to exactly what I wanted out of the sessions and comes well prepared. She has already taught me a great deal as I am actually finishing my personal training diploma myself. I was wanting someone to push me that bit further and to educate me on certain things at the same time and she's been a huge help.


We super enjoyed our classes at the Nest you have no idea!! I’ve never done training like that before and loved it. I looked forwards to heading there every morning. 100% one of the top 3 highlights to my trip hands down. The trainers were amazing. The corrections they gave were well appreciated (wish I could bring them home to help me train there). Motivation and hype was fantastic. I have new love for fitness training and can’t wait to use some of the circuits in my training at home.


I absolutely loved my time at Canggu nest. From the super sweet front desk staff to the talented trainers, I can only rave about my experience. Wish I had a gym back home as amazing as yours. Your space was clean, trendy and super motivating (I hit a major PB during one happy hour session). Thank you!


Thanks for providing my travel with a nice gym. I looked it up before coming and am so happy that me and my friend decided to buy a pass at your place. So far we have been trying something new every day and you haven’t let us down. I’m staying in Bali and plan on spending a lot of time at the Nest. We like that you’re providing so many different classes and that it feels new and fresh.


I’m enjoying the open gym Happy Hours. The gym is nice, the kit is great quality and the bathroom is the nicest I’ve ever seen in a gym. I’ve trained in quite a few gyms around Asia and the Middle East and a few things stand out about the Nest. First quality over quantity. You’ve got just the right amount of kit, higher end stuff too. I see a lot of gyms full with all the latest nonsense just cluttering the place up…
The staff are friendly. Not to say they aren’t in other places but a lot of these boutique gyms and Crossfit boxes can get a bit cliquey and have a lot of egos kicking about. I’ve felt really welcome, relaxed and able to get on with my training and everyone has been genuinely polite, friendly and chatty. More chilled and personal than a lot of places…
All in all, I’m impressed with the Nest, the kit, the staff and the atmosphere. I’m in Bali every month or so and I’ll be back on a regular basis now I’ve found a decent spot to train. I’d love to offer some feedback on how to improve but I can’t think of anything else you guys could or need to do.