What to do in Bali

The Ultimate Canggu Fitness and Health Guide

What to do in Bali - 24/03/2019

When I decided to book a one way ticket to Bali, there were two things I was super nervous about. One was learning how to ride a motorbike, and the other was getting out of shape! When I visited Spain all I did was eat and drink and indulge, so I packed on a couple […]

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Carbs are not the bad guys

What to do in Bali - 27/02/2019

  Today we see so many different diets where many of them exclude or minimise carbohydrates. While this strategy might work for someone who wants to lose weight it is not necessarily a sustainable strategy or diet. So what are carbohydrates? The misconceptions about carbohydrates in relationship to health may start here, we are drawing […]

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My Favourite Healthy Café Spots in Canggu

What to do in Bali - 25/01/2019

My partner and I left Sweden in October to escape the cold. Instead we would live in Bali to gain new inspiration, be warm, tanned, and eat amazing food! Food is my thing, that is what I’m thinking of when I’m not eating. Thankfully my passion is to inspire people towards a healthy diet and […]

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Is fruit unhealthy?

What to do in Bali - 03/01/2019

While traveling Bali you will notice an abundance of fresh fruit! But is it healthy? This question is quite debated nowadays, and it is one of the most common questions I get daily. There are several reasons to think that fruit is unhealthy or will make you gain weight. Fake media hype is one and […]

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Motion Meal Plans

Recipes - 11/12/2018

Say goodbye to meal prep. Say goodbye to annoying clean-ups. Say goodbye to having to come up with any sort of healthy or tasty meal when you’re in those indecisive moods. And start saying HELLO to expertly prepared, customised, super healthy and fresh meals that will rock your world!

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