What to do in Bali

Why hitting the sauna after a workout is a good idea!!!

What to do in Bali - 04/12/2019

Trust me guys, first of all, I’m working out at the gym for years and know the best to reduce the muscle’s pain, especially when you just starting to exercise. Second of all, I grew up in Siberia so sauna is my must do thing once in a while! Sometimes I exercise as craaaazy so […]

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Why I believe Flexible Fitness Is The Key To Long Term Results

What to do in Bali - 13/05/2019

  Take it from me, I’ve been in this game for over TEN YEARS and still to this present day I am finding new ways to improve my physique, my health but most importantly my wellness. There is a high pressure for guys (not just girls) these days to look good, like really good, in […]

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Finding A Gym To Call Home

What to do in Bali - 22/04/2019

No matter where you are in the world as either resident or traveller, finding the right gym for you can be testing. Whether it be based around challenging classes, finding a community to expand your friendship group or getting out of your comfort zone with a new training regime – joining a gym is hard […]

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How Functional Training workouts changed my everyday life

What to do in Bali - 11/04/2019

Sometimes we appreciate things after we lose them. Maybe this is why it’s taken me so long to write this. I’ve been meaning to for quite a long time now – to tell everyone everything about HOW and WHY I started with workouts. How they became my everyday routine as I got little addicted to […]

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