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7 tips to stay healthy when you are on vacation!!

By Maya Droem - Canggu Nest Member

7 tips to stay healthy when you are on vacation!!



Do you usually put on weight when you are vacation?  Do you feel like it is hard to get back to the gym after vacation? Are you tired of being lazy on your vacation?
Here are 7 tips to stay healthy on vacation:


  1. Don’t book all-inclusive hotels. We prefer comfort, and it’s really convenient to stay in an all-inclusive hotel, but it can be a challenge to stay healthy. Hotels with all-you-can-eat buffés makes it almost impossible not to eat more than you should, and you’ll probably end up gaining some extra weight on your vacation.

– If you do book all-inclusive, make sure only to go one round for the buffet and keep your eyes on the healthier options.  Also try to find a hotel with gym and sport activities.


  1. Stay Mindful on your meals. Try to really enjoy your food and give it more attention. At home we’re often busy doing many other things while eating e.g. watching tv. Away from home we have time to enjoy our meals and experience the taste of local food.


  1. Eat more fruit and veggies: Even though you’re on vacation try to eat enough of fruit and veggies. You can go to the local market to by fresh fruit or order a salad on the side of your dinner, or even ask the waiter to replace your fries with veggies.


  1. Active start on the day. Go for a power walk or a run on the beach, swim in the pool, or make a workout in the room – it’s nice to start the day in an active way. It will give you plenty of extra energy, and it’s perfect to do it in the morning before it gets too warm.


3 training programs for your vacation:


Program 1: 500 repetitions

50 repetitions of each exercise. You can pause but you must complete one station before moving on to the next.


50 burpees

50 pushups

50 squats

50 sit ups

50 jumping jacks

50 lunges

50 back extensions

50 mountain climbers

50 step ups (f.xon a staircase or the likewise)

50 dips (f.x on a chair or likewise)



Program 2: TABATA

In a Tabata you run 20 seconds of work, 10 seconds of break – 8 laps = 4 minutes of work.
You can switch between 2 exercises e.g. one cardio and one strength exercise.
Try to take 3 x TABATA then you’ll have a 12min workout


Inspiration for exercises:




Jumping Jacks



Program 3: Relay race

Mark out a distance of approx. 100m (depending on training condition and fitness), if you do not have the opportunity to run then choose another cardio exercise – e.g. high kneel lift, jumping jacks, rope skipping. I suggest you set a timer for 1 min.

For each round you do one exercise. In the first round you make 10 repetitions, the next round 9 repetitions…. All the way down to 1 single repetition. You have to complete 10 rounds in total. The exercise you choose must be the same throughout. I prefer burpees or squat.


100m run + 10 burpees

100m run + 9 burpees

100m run + 8 burpees

100m run+ 7 burpees

100m run + 6 burpees

100m run + 5 burpees

100m run + 4 burpees

100m run + 3 burpees

100m run + 2 burpees

100m run + 1 burpee



  1. Book a class in a gym. When you go on vacation there will often be a gym close by where you can buy a one day pass. It’s nice to try classes in another gym or country then you are used to gain new inspiration for your own training. In Canggu Nest you can see prices and schedule:


  1. Sleep More: Sleep with no alarm and get a little more sleep than usually. You need to relax on your vacation and a good night sleep will be the best you can do for your health. When you come back for work, you will have more energy after a good relaxing vacation.


  1. Don’t drink too much alcohol: It is easy to get into a routine with alcohol on your vacation. But alcohol contains many calories and just is no good for your health. So try to minimise your intake.