What to do in Bali - 04/12/2019

Why hitting the sauna after a workout is a good idea!!!

By Kate Silver - Canggu Nest Member

Trust me guys, first of all, I’m working out at the gym for years and know the best to reduce the muscle’s pain, especially when you just starting to exercise. Second of all, I grew up in Siberia so sauna is my must do thing once in a while!

Sometimes I exercise as craaaazy so my whole body is in pain, muscles become stiff and the next day I can’t move 🙁 

The key is a sauna! Just visit it after the gym and you’ll feel all brand new and ready for a new round! Cause using a sauna enhances the muscle recovery process by increasing blood circulation and carrying oxygen-rich blood to oxygen-depleted muscle. Heat also allows muscles to relax better, thus relieving muscle tension.

Those are my recommendations to make a visit in Bali :

 1) Amo spa — Canggu 

It’s my favorite! I go there every week cause it’s suuuuper healthy, you gonna love it, I promise you 🙂

So they have two saunas :

– first one is a Steam room where you’re sweating as hell and flushing out all the toxins out of your body. 

– the second one is a modern sauna where you don’t feel much of the heat but it gets your body and muscles all sooth & relax. 

In between of those saunas you go into Ice pools which are around 60 degrees Fahrenheit, I know! Sounds crazy!  At first I couldn’t even sit there for a minute but now I can easily stay around 5 min and I Lovin’ it!

The transition from intense heat to intense cold not only feels amazing but has been shown to improve heart and circulatory health as well as to release endorphins and feel good hormones that can uplift your mood and leave you feeling great.

At the end of my healthy bathing I go to warm jacuzzi to get those bubbles, it’s a perfect retreat from the hustle and bustle of busy Canggu. 

2)Bali Dacha — Ubud

It’s a completely different place which worth your visit 100%!

It’s not just healthy sauna but an amazing well decorated place. Be careful tho, it’s full of Russians haha. I’m also Russian so when I was there I felt like in a homeland lol. 

But that’s good! Cause Russians know how to maintain sauna and you won’t be disappointed if you’re lucky enough and there is some woman at the same sauna with you (which made to happen to me), she would getting the sauna soooo hot that it’s gonna be a survival challenge lol, but that’s fine, then you can tell your friends that you have experienced a real ‘Russian Banya’ hahah. 

At the location are two middle size saunas, next to them same size pools full of roses (which makes it so romantic btw) and one huge pool in the middle of the jungle! 

Atmosphere there is just sick. The music is super shaman and tripping, after the sauna you go change your bathing clothes and can have some delicious food (which is all vegan and super tasty). Then you can even dance for a little while cause there is a Dj is playing in the evening and people going craaazy. 

So as you can see from my blog saunas isn’t just a healthy option after the gym but might be really fun if you’re visiting Ubud lol!



3) The Istana — Uluwatu

I was telling you with all my passion about the previous saunas – this one is just MAJESTIC!

The owner of The Istana built this complex as his own house, which is already unbelievable cause the location is right on the edge of the cliff with an ocean view — breathtaking!



Now he is finishing a meditation room which is built as one huge metal triangle with many other little triangles in the middle where you suppose to sit and meditate. This construction because of the magnetism of metal triangles and their shape, plus hanging crystals above your head suppose to increase your meditation lever on highest and I truly believe that you receive some magic powers hahah. 



At the location you can have :

 – Steam sauna

 – Heat sauna

 – Ice pool

 – Hot jacuzzi

 – Infinity pool

 – Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Session

Not all the facilities are ready but soon enough the place will be open to the public!