What to do in Bali - 22/04/2019

Finding A Gym To Call Home

By Steph Connolly - Canggu Nest Member

Finding A Gym To Call Home

No matter where you are in the world as either resident or traveller, finding the right gym for you can be testing. Whether it be based around challenging classes, finding a community to expand your friendship group or getting out of your comfort zone with a new training regime – joining a gym is hard work, even before you’ve got a sweat on!

When I first moved to Bali I thought my life would revolve around CrossFit & Yoga, thinking it would be simple to join the first gym, find the first studio & settle right in…& how wrong could I have been! The array of gyms in Bali is never ending, with new fitness studios & specialists popping up all over, with Canggu continuously expanding – it really does make knowing what you want super hard. The dream is to find a space that has everything you could ever need in one place – community, challenge & variety! I have met people who join two to THREE gyms each month, that is three sets of payments & a lot of whole lot of money you do not need to be wasting, as gym memberships are not ‘Bali prices’.


This is why I had to share my experience when I finally got myself into Canggu Nest!

As soon as I walked in I felt at home, something that I love to feel when choosing my gym, comfort & acceptance. Since I started at Canggu Nest they have changed their timetable TWICE, creating further variation, more challenge and really getting to know what their clients want & since that first day I knew Nest would take my fitness to the next level, without the fear of getting lost in a 50 person WOD.

Need further convincing? Let me talk you through a few of the classes, including the things I avoid, my favorite class & what surprised me the most!

One of my passionate hates (yes, you can passionately hate something) is running – the word ‘Cardio’ makes me want to quick step my way to Mount Batur (note, I did not say run), & I used to avoid every single workout that involved some sort of hardcore Cardio element…until, yep you guessed it, I started at Canggu Nest. You won’t find yourself running or sprinting overly often, but their level of challenge through assault bikes, rowers & Ski Ergs will take your workout to the next level in both their Interval & Cardio Conditioning sessions – with nothing to be scared of, everything can be scaled, trust me…although my inability to run excuses are dwindling slowly…

My favourite? Always to come out top is their Strength based class, where you not only learn the correct form, but build your way up to smashing personal bests – I just squatted my own body weight & it felt EPIC. Their trainers are so knowledgeable and undergo their own training sessions, along with peer assessments to keep them accountable and creative with their workouts & warm ups. I’ve found myself steering towards Strength after hand surgery putting an end to that Bali Boxing career I started up, & I’ll tell you now, Nest definitely knows how to put you through the rounds during their Boxing sessions.

What surprised me the most? The TRX class!! I always assumed that TRX classes were created for bored housewives, knowing that my mum was always an avid fan of a midday TRX, that was until I tried one of their classes & found my legs burning and core on FIRE! It definitely isn’t a class to miss & it fits in so nicely with a double workout if you’re that kind of person! Another surprising element is their Female Fit class, run by one of their bad ass female instructors – a whole session dedicated to gaining that great ass & feeling powerful!

So…why are you still waiting around? From musical wall balls to stick chasing warmups, sweat induced tears & all of the support throughout, I have never encountered laughs & smiles like I’ve seen before the class even starts! Canggu Nest is creating an ever-growing community, filled with passion & knowledge, with charity workouts, weekend Olympian workshops & even more goodies up their sleeve, it really is a place you want to Nest at in Canggu.

P.S…they sometimes even provide you with free snacks post Saturday workout…need I say more?