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Is fruit unhealthy?

By Alexandra Andersson - Canggu Nest Member

Is fruit unhealthy?

While traveling Bali you will notice an abundance of fresh fruit! But is it healthy? This question is

quite debated nowadays, and it is one of the most common questions I get daily. There are

several reasons to think that fruit is unhealthy or will make you gain weight. Fake media hype is

one and the fear of carbs is the second one.

The sugar in fruit

It is no shock that we find sugar in fruit, called fructose (do not compare with added fructose

in foods). The sugar people often refer to is refined sugar which comes from sugar cane or sugar

beets. These are processed to extract the sugar which means that refined sugar has no nutrition

value. In fruit on the other hand we also find lots of vitamins, minerals, fibre and phytonutrients.

So what is really the difference between refined sugar and the sugar in fruit when it enters your


When you eat refined sugar such as sodas or sweets you get a big spike in blood sugar, your body

freaks out and releases too much insulin to decrease the spike, which makes us drop blood sugar

below from where it started (called hypoglycemic dip). Now your body responds by dropping fat

into the blood stream because it thinks you are starving.

When you eat a piece of fruit, your blood sugar will first go up as well (blood sugar will go up from all

foods) but it will not overshoot. This means that there will not be an over release of insulin and no

hypoglycemic dip.

But how can this be? Fruit is packed with fibre, the soluble fibre has a gelling effect which slows

down the release of sugar. The phytonutrients in fruit also inhibit the sugar transportation through

the intestinal wall into your bloodstream.

Eating too much fruit

There have been made studies on how much fruit is too much. In one of them they served

seventeen people 20 servings of fruit each day, a sugar content of 200 grams per day (think 8

cans of soda). There were no adverse side effects for body weight, blood pressure, insulin and fat

levels after three to six months.

The nutritional problems of fructose and sugar come when they are added to foods. Whole fruit

on the other hand is beneficial in any amount.

Fruit and weight gain

If you eat an unhealthy meal and have an apple for dessert, it is pretty common to blame the

apple for weight gain because the apple contains sugar, right? Studies show that even adding

fruit into your diet is associated with weight loss.

But then, weight gain is also about what you eat rest of the day and how much you consume

compared with what you are burning on a daily basis.

The powers of fruit

Antioxidants! Fruit has a broad spectrum of antioxidants that are unique to specific fruits.

Glowing skin! Antioxidants affect the skin pigment and improve the circulation which can give

you a natural glow.

Energy! Fruit digests super fast and easy, and will give you fast energy.

Hydrating! Fruit is 60-90% water, this will hydrate you and keep your digestive system feeling


Gut health! Fiber is super important for your gut health. Fruit (and all plant foods) provides you

with different types of complex fiber.


As written above, fruit sugar is not the same as refined sugar, you do not over release insulin

hence no fat dropping into your bloodstream, it is very difficult to overeat fruit, fruit has some

amazing benefits and powers.

Fruit is healthy and not a cause of weight gain.

Fruit is one of the most natural foods to eat, it is in our nature to like the sweetness. How cool

isn’t it that this food is produced by nature ready to eat without cooking it! So go ahead and enjoy

sweet tropical fruit, especially when you are here in Bali!


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