What to do in Bali - 15/10/2018

We quit our Western life for a Bali life

By Siobhan Macleod - Coach at Canggu Nest

You humans that already know me, know that I’ve been here and done this before. I did a six month stint at a CrossFit gym in Jimbaran Bay three years ago and since then, I’ve been back once to Bali for a holiday in Canggu, which by the way, is a little above Jimbaran.

There is something about Bali that feels so comforting, a little like I’m home 🏡 . I remember people being worried that I would find the culture, the language barrier and the modes of transport a little challenging. Little did they know I met the happiest, most accommodating humans ever 😄, as well as learning basic Indo🇮🇩… and training them to speak English🙊.

As for the transport, well if you’ve seen my social media, it’s no bloody secret that I whizz around on my motorbike like I grew up on this island. Was life once easier over here🤗?

So this takes me to life in Bali now… Aimlessly scrolling social media on the back end of a horrendous hangover one Sunday night, I locked eyes on a job offer in Canggu, Bali. Fitness, Bali and travelling… I’M IN❤️!

All the things myself and Tom (the boyf)💏 love in one complete package.

I remember jumping out of my seat (if you’ve seen my hangovers, I ain’t jumping for nothing🙅🏽‍♀️) and demanded we apply. You know when something’s right when life runs like soft butter spread on your toast👌🏼. This was ON! We quit our jobs, broke our lease, literally gave our life to charity and packed two 20kg suitcases and off we went🤓. It was that easy! Apart from the goodbyes as breaking up from clients is worse than a break up. Fact😭!

Arriving in Bali, we had a couple of weeks to adventure. We explored ‘Lovina’, a scenic beach resort location in northern Bali🏝. We explored the north beaches, sat around our pool and embraced the ten dollar massages💆🏽‍♀️. Tom learnt Indo and from now on coffee☕️ is ‘Kopi’ and morning🙋🏻‍♂️ is ‘Pagi’. Among everything else that’s being translated along the way.

Next stop was ‘Ubud’ ahhh the plant heaven🌴. How ‘at one’ do you feel with nature when everywhere you look is just green and health. The cafes, barefoot humans and palm trees for days made us feel like the air we inhaled made us immediately healthy💁🏽‍♀️💁🏻‍♂️.

NEXT STOP, Canggu a.k.a Home🏡! The expat hub. It was once a little quieter but I feel like everyone knows it’s the place to be so yeah, now it’s the place to be. The land of expat nomads👩🏽‍💻👨🏻‍💻. We arrived into our airbnb and it was straight into setting up life mode. Searching villas that would allow for montly rent payments (yearly is standard in Bali) and trying to bargain long term motorbikes🏍, as you do. It took us a tiny small, two weeks to find our rustic two bedroom villa (with a pool) and two scoopys (motorbikes) that we requested from our local neighbours, who said yes to sixth months rent. 

So yes, it all did happen that fast and that easy✈️! Finding a job, a place and a human you love makes starting up all over again so bloody exciting! Next stop and next blog, Canggu Nest! Our new career in Canggu, Bali! #AboutHumanS 😘