What to do in Bali - 11/09/2018

Why a coaching lifestyle in Bali works for us

By Tom and Siobhan - Coaches at Canggu Nest

Why a coaching lifestyle in Bali works for us

Hey! Tom and Siobhan coming at you here! We are your two new Canggu Nest coaches, working and living in Bali! We’re pumped for you to train and embody the ‘Nest’ lifestyle with us but before you do, we thought we’d give you a brief run-down of why we ultimately chose the Bali lifestyle, why we chose Canggu Nest as our lovely place of work (if you could even call it work) and why we think you’ll love it too!

Siobhan and I (Tom… G’day!) originally met coaching CrossFit way down south in the urban suburbs of Melbourne. I was doing some training on an assault bike when Siobhan came up to me and, very passionately, asked me who I was was right after she introduced herself dramatically with a ‘HI I’M SIOBHAN!!!’. Safe to say I was swept off my feet! We instantly became great mates. Our friendship and, eventually relationship, developed through a mutual love of coaching and travelling. We later found that we also shared a love of writing with Siobhan updating a regular blog on Medium @siobhanmacleod and myself, currently working on my second book as an aspiring non-fiction author.

One night, after a larger night previously, Siobhan found herself mundanely scrolling through the socials when she, not so mundanely came across a job opportunity to represent and coach at a NEW functional gym in Canggu, Bali. We jumped on the application like a toilet for someone with ‘Bali belly’ and here’s why. Take it Siobhan!

Bali feels like a second home. I’ve been super lucky to have lived and worked here already. I love everything about the Bali lifestyle and getting to do what I’m passionate about here is just a win. I absolutely love the weather and although I’m Scottish, I’m sure I’m meant to live in a warm climate. Jumping out of bed every morning to chuck on a bikini and go for a beach walk is my ultimate wake up call. And so is living in a bikini! The food and happy humans in Bali make everyday a holiday and who doesn’t want that? You’ll find me whizzing around on my ‘Scoopy’, drinking coffee at a local cafe or lapping up the sun in our villa on any given day!

We find that there is an amazingly attractive and positive atmosphere here, in this part of the world and we want to do our best to direct that ‘feel’, along with all the others right into the Nest itself. Come along and say g’day!

Tom and Siobhan
Coaches at Canggu Nest